President's Message

Dear fellow IAA members,

Your valuable comments and observations are invited on the following document:


1. Accounting knowledge of younger generation should be compatible with best in the world.

2. Knowledge in accounting and related areas should be of practical significance. Therefore, accounting education must always be embedded with practicals.

3 Accountants have a prime duty to safeguard the assets of an organisation. Hence, adequate ethical element in the education of the subject should focus in making Indian Accountants' ethical standard index among highests in the world.

4. Accounting education should generate an extensive fleet of accountants so that their need  even at MSME levels is satisfied.

5. Accounting  thinkers to lead the future world of accounting have to prosper in India.

6. Since the subject shall be essentially ICT driven in foreseeable future, sufficient exposure of these tools to students should be ensured.

7. Accounting passouts should be capable  business communicators  so that they effectively draft analytical reports, explanatory statements, participate in business meetings etc

With regards,

Prof. G Soral
Former Dean and Professor, Department of Accountancy and Statistics,
M.L. Sukhadia University,
Udaipur – 313 001 (Rajasthan)