42nd All India Accounting Conference-Best Paper Awards
Jodhpur 28-29 December, 2019
Session Theme Title of Paper Authors
International Seminar Accounting Education Impact of Human Resource Accounting of Firm’s Performance Dr. Ritu Sapra, Ramya Jain
International Seminar Accounting Research Stakeholders Perception on CSR Practices of Select Banks in Kolkata Dr. Pranam Dhar, Bidhan Baidya, Soumika Bhattacharya
Technical Session - I Role ofArtificial Intelligence ( AI ) in Accounting System Measuring Perception of Accounting Professionas of India AI Based Accounting Practices Vineet Chouhan, Pushpkant Shakdwipee, Dr. M.L. Vasita, Punam Chand,Prof. G. Soral
Technical Session - II Carbon Accounting Relationship of Carbon Emission Accounting and Gross Value Added for Selected Sectors of Indian Economy Dr. Anurag Agnihotri, Dr. Ashok Agrwal, Dr. Kishitiz Maharashi
Technical Session - III Ind-AS- Its Implications and Harmonisation Impact of Ind-As-Adoption on Value Relevance of Nifty-50 Firms: An Application of Panel Regression in Ohlson Model Dr. Shilpa Lodha, Mr. Babu Lal Gedar, Ms. Charu Sharma