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Indian Journal of Accounting, Vol 50(1), June- 2018 ISSN-0972-1479 (Print) ISSN- 2395-6127 (Online)

Global Impact Factor of year 2015 is  0.782

(Indexed in COSMOS Foundation & Electronic Journal Library EZB, Germany)

A National Bi-annual Double Blind Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal of IAA

Year Global Impact Factor of Journal Logo
2012 0.564
2013 0.629
2014 0.785
2015 0.782

      Content IJA Journal IAA June 2018


1.   SOCIO - Economic Status And Financial Inclusion: A Study Of Pratapgarh District Of Rajasthan
      Prof. Bhagirath Singh & Dr. Mukesh K. Sharma

2.   Return On Equity- An Instrument For Determination Of Creation Of Reserve And Distribution Of Dividend
      Dr. Bijay Krishna Bhattacharya, Lakshmi Kanta Sinha Ray, Mridul Kumar Ghosh

3.   Corporate Governance Practices In Indian Corporate It Sector Included In Bse Sensex: A Comparative Study
      Dr. Meenu Maheshwari.

4.   Human Resource Accounting And Organizational Performance
     Sunil Kumar & Priyanka Awasthi Ref. Pushpendra

5.   Measuring Banking Efficiency In India: An Empirical Study Of Commercial Banks
      T.K. Jayaraman & Ajeshni Sharma

6.   Relationship Between Long-Run Market Performances Of Ipo’s And Operating Performance Of Ipo Issuing
       Companies: An Analysis

      Dr.Amit Kumar Singh & Ms.Surbhi Jain

7.   The Influence Of Prudence, Cognitive Ability, And Personality On Risk Aversion
      Regina Natasha & Yanuar Nanok Soenarno

8.   Profitability Analysis Of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited And Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited:
       A Comparative Study

      Dr. Satya Ranjan Doley

9.   Green Accounting Practices
      Dr. K.Kanaka Raju

10. Empirical Analysis Of Financial Health Of Scheduled Commercial Banks In India
      Samta Ordia & Shurveer S. Bhanawat

11. Management Of Non-Performing Assets Of District Central Co-Operative Bank
      Dr. Subhas Chandra Sarkar & Dr. Dilip Kumar Karak

12. Financial Performance Of Sugar Mills In Punjab: A Comparative Study
      Dr. Ashutosh Gupta & Dr. (Ms.) Gurpreet Randhawa

13. Price Discovery And Volatility Spillover In Metal Commodity Market In India
      Brahma Edwin Barreto & Dr. B. Ramesh

14. Demonetization: A Short Term Challenge And Long Term Edge To Uplift Indian Economy
      Mr. Ankit Goel, Dr. Rajendra K. Khatik & Prof. K. S. Thakur

15. Impact Of Demonetization On Selected Bse Indices
      Dr. Ashvinkumar H. Solanki & Ms. Hetal Tank

16. Green Reporting Practices & Profitability For Corporate Sustainability
      Jyoti Vidhani & Prof. Anita Shukla

17. Students’ Preferences For Activity Based Learning In Accountancy Subject: A Study Of Anand District
      Dr. Yagnesh Dalwadi & Dr. Kamini shah



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