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Indian Journal of Accounting, Vol XLIX (2), Dec - 2017 ISSN-0972-1479 (Print) ISSN- 2395-6127 (Online)

Global Impact Factor 0.782 UGC Approved Journal at Serial No. 43333

(Indexed in COSMOS Foundation & Electronic Journal Library EZB, Germany)

Year Global Impact Factor of Journal Logo
2012 0.564
2013 0.629
2014 0.785
2015 0.782i

      President’s Message
      Prof. (Dr.) Karamjeet Singh

      Message from the Chief Editor
      Prof. (Dr.) SS Modi

      Content IJA Journal IAA December 2017


1.   Environmental Concern In Corporate Sector: A Study Of Selected Companies In India
      Prof. K. ERESI and Prof. R. G. Desai

2.   Impact Of Independent Variables On Market Price Movements In Automobile Sector: An Analysis
      Dr.A.R. Aryasri and Mrs. Surekha Adiki

3.   Valuation Of Intangible Assets And Capital Markets: An Indian Perspective
      CS Ahalada Rao & Prof. K.V.Acha.

4.   Demonetization: Curbing The Practice Of Holding Unaccounted Money And Moving Towards E- Monetization
      Narendra Verma & Dr. J. K. Jain

5.   A Study On Online Accounting Education With A Special Focus On ‘Artha Vidhya’
      K. Savita, Prof. V. Usha Kiran & M.A. Sunita

6.   Revenue Recognition Practices In The Indian Telecom Industry
      CA. K.Ch.A.V.S.N Murthy

7.   Integration Of Indian Stock Market With Selected Global Stock Markets
      Dr. D.P. Warne and Suman

8.   Heralding Audit Committee: A Precursor Of Ethical Accounting And Reporting
      Dr. Om Prakash Gusai

9.   Awareness And Adoption Of Cloud Based Accounting By Qualified Chartered Accountants In Udaipur District Of
      Rajasthan: An Empirical Study
      Dr. Yasmeen Ali & Dr. Upasana Thakur

10. Selection Factors Of Private Or Public Sector Companies: A Study Of Life Insurance Sector In India
      Dr. Jitendra Kumar

11. Corporate Social Reporting: A Comparative Study Of Cement Companies In India
      Dr. R. K. Tailor and Dr. Ravi Kant Modi

12. Trend Of Gross And Net Npa In Public Sector And Foreign Banks: A Comparative Analysis
      Aakash Kumar and Dr. G. Vasanthi

13. Account Payables Management In Selected Companies Of Fast Moving Consumable Goods (Fmcg) Sector In India
      Dr. Davendra Kumar Sharma

14. Cloud Computing: A Join Hand Technique For Accounting: (A Case Study Of Bhopal Division Industrial Estate)
      Dr. C. K. Butta, Gaurav & CS HarshitaButtan

15. Basel Iii And Strengthening Of Indian Banking Sector
      Vijila.V and Dr. G. Raju

16. The Role Of Corporate Governance In Middle East (Corporate Governance And Ethical Issues)
      Dr. Prahlad Sharma

17. Indian Msme’s: Past And Present Performance Scenario
      Shripad Marathe



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